Grant State Registered (Limited)


I hope this is the right section to post this but looking for an explanation on this issue. Via the cnMaestro, I have an SM that is authorized and granted and in the sector section of CBRS, cnMaestro is telling me that all is authorized and heartbeating. However, if I go into the AP and in “session status” I can see that the SM is giving me this Registered (Limited) error and no session is starting.

Can someone advise?


I moved this to the CBRS forum, as this is related to that topic… I am not sure of the cause of something like this but will inquire internally, and post back here.

I’d double check the CPI information for that CBSD client again. Make sure that it’s 100% accurate. I’ve had this issue when something was totally off, like accidently using ASML instead of AGL. You might even want to just delete the entry completely and start fresh.