Grant Suspended on only one radio

We are having issues with one of our customers. The customer keeps on getting suspended around the same time every morning. Every customer around the area is Authorized besides this one customer. The information entered on CBRS is correct for the radio, we have double checked it. The radio has also been replaced by a new one and customer still gets suspended.

I have attached the logs of the radio. What would be causing this issues? Any information would help. Thank you.

It looks like you’re using a 30MHz wide channel centered at 3610? Much better if 30MHz wide channels are centered on 5MHz boundaries, IE 3615MHz. That way the actual 10MHz wide chunks utilized align so that there are THREE instead of FOUR separate 10MHz grants involved. That’s not the problem, just an observation of something that would simplifiy things. (10- and 30-mhz wide channels work better if the freq ends in ‘5’, while 20- and 40-mhz wide channels are better ending in ‘0’…)

What SAS are you using? Are you located within an area affected by DPA move events? The log excerpt you posted doesn’t indicate the actual message from the SAS, no reason listed as to why that device’s use of those channels was suspended.

We have been having problems with many client devices being suspended due to DPA move events. Turned out a large percentage of our PMP450b devices had been entered into the system with 90-degree wide antenna specified while the SM actually has a 12-degree antenna pattern (despite product specsheet stating 7 degrees). Which was leading to quite a few client devices that the SAS (Google in our case) was deciding were capable of interfering with naval systems when they in fact were NOT, leading to endless series of suspensions. (add in the units where AMSL was confused with AGL for radio height…)



Newkirk has good advice… you’ll notice that the two bottom 10mhz channels are suspended, but top two aren’t. If you shifted your center to 3605 or 3595, your problems would probably go away.