Grounding PMP 450 Cambium Copper Clad vs Ubiquiti Tough Cable

I am trying to deploy several PMP 450 AP's with the Copper Clad cable suggested on Cambium user guide. However, I will like to include a new device that will furnish POE to the units it's called UBIQUITI EDGEPOINT SWITCH (EP-S16). The cable that runs from EDGEPOINT SWITCH to the AP's can we use the Though Cable or Copper Clad cable and grounded to the tower. Is there anyway to ground the Ubiquiti Tough Cable to the tower. My intention is to use multiples PMP 450's and Force 110 AP's . 


The Tough cable is foil shielding wheras the copper clad shielding is a .13mm thick corrogated copper wrapped cladding.  You can ground the Tough cable by grounding the drain wire.  In my opinion, I wouldn't do a tower deployment without exclusively using copper clad OSP cable from Superior Essex because there is no comparison in the quality in terms of shielding from unwanted RF being induced on the cable causing ethernet issues.  We learned this the hard way.  We use a grounding block to connect the cables to the tower ground.  

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I am having issues with our radios negortiating properly on our towers. It seems we have done it mutilple way and more specific using Cambiums Specs on the 650 2 LPUs, ground starps and copper clad. We still have issues with port speed and when we remove the LPUs, we then negotiate fine.

We did have a tower that gave us issues with EMI and so we mitigated that with conduit but the LPUs still hate us.

Any ideas or suggestions on how the towers infrastructure is being built? I would think it is pretty straight forward but we seem to always have issues.