Guest Access Portal - Clients get redirected to NAT ip on cnMaestro

Hi! I am trying to set up a Guest Access Portal on the cnMaestro on-premises controller.

When client connect to SSID and ex. try to open a website they are redirected to the internal NAT IP of the cnMaestro controller. Have i missed something, or is this correct? If this is correct the feature has no value for us as the client will open the portal over internet.


Can you provide more detail on your topology. Access Points will be redirected to cnMaestro IP for cnMaestro managed guest portal as thats where the guest portal is running. Can you tell me what's the IP address at which cnMaestro is running and the IP you have configured on the Access point remote management URL for the cnMaestro and the IP to which the redirection is happening?

If your cnMaestro is behind NAT then I understand the problem which you are facing and we will try to expose a config in cnMaestro UI which can take the input for cnMaestro public IP/hostname on which it can be reached and then the same  will be pushed to devices as the guest portal server address. Please let us know if this is the case and we will take care of this with the next upcoming new software release of cnMaestro.

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You have described the problem we are facing. Our cnMaestro is behind NAT and the NAT IP of controller is pushed to APs.

Thank you for the confirmation, we will take care of this with next release.

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I am facing the exact same problem. Clients are redirecting to the internal IP of cnmaestro while it stands behind a NAT.

Currently I am unable to use and test the Guest Access Portal.

When the new release with this fix is going to be available?