Guest Access Portal Paid - Captive Portal Device support

We currently have Guest Access Portal Paid with Paypal setup and everything is working well. The issue we have is onboarding devices that do not support Captive Portal (ie. Apple Tv’s, Nintendo switches, etc) Is there an way, preferably elegant, to get those devices online when a patron purchases their package?


You can make use of “MAC authentication fall back” option which is available under WLAN → Guest Access.


  1. Have WLAN with cnMaestro based guest access enabled.
  2. Enable “MAC authentication fall back”
  3. Enable cnMaestro based MAC authentication in WLAN.
  4. Navigate to cnMaestro → Shared settings → Association ACL → Allow → Add MAC address of Apple TV’s and Nintendo switches, so that these devices would get internet directly immediate after MAC authentication. (Note : Captive portal will be skipped for those devices)
  5. Rest of the devices will get redirection page for guest access.

Note: As you have mentioned captive portal support is not available for Apple TV’s and Nintendo switches.