Guest Access Portal Redirect Certificate Error

When using the Guest Access Portal with cnMaestro the redirect only works effectively if the clients homepage is using HTTP (  If the homepage is set to use HTTPS ( then the client receives a certificate error which they must accept before being redirected to the Guest Access Portal.  I've tested using Firefox, IE and Chrome and all have the same behavior.

HTTPS is an encrypted HTTP connection by transport-layes security. Google doesn't support non-https searches anymore. Even you tried by entering, it will redirects to
The certificate error comes only for the first time(in all browsers) when you start accessing the internet with HTTP websites.
ex:- or

The certificate error only seems to occur when the clients start page is configured to use HTTPS.  When configured to use HTTP the redirect behaves as it should.  There may not be a workaround but if the client's start page is configured to use HTTPS most will think they have a problem as they receive the "Your connection is not secure" when launching their browser upon intial connection to the Guest network.

Is there any fix/work around to this? I'm experiencing the same problem.

Any time an HTTPS request is intercepted it will generate an error (this is due to the nature of the HTTPS protocol and is required to keep it secure). This can't be avoided.

In the future we'll add an option to ignore HTTPS requests and not redirect them, but this will still require the wireless user to attempt to connect to an HTTP site in order to log in to the captive portal.

Hi! Is there any fix/work around to this? How can clients ignore the message or we use our certificate?

We have an option of enabling "Redirect HTTP only" under Wlan----Guest Access as shown in screenshot . This will ignore https requests and not redirect them .But user will have to browse only http website in order to get Captive Portral Redirection .