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Hi All,

Looking for an advise.
I would like to use Voucher access functionality, but I would like to streamline the process, where client could insert his email address and voucher will be sent to his email. Would that be something possible to do through cnMaestro portal?

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Hi Piotr,

We don’t have an option as per current design. We can take this as an enhancement for future releases.

Raja M

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Hi Piotr,
Could you try the cnConcierge APP, which is accessible on both Android and iOS? The APP offers the ability to share the voucher by SMS and email.


I am trying to use cnconsierge but I am not able to authenticate.
I created a user with administrator access in cnmaestro cloud and tried to log in using this user and I was able to enter. This shows that the user and passowrd is correct.
When I try to use cnConsierge on android (9) I get an “Error: Login failed”
Is there something I am doing wrong or missed a configuration?

Any help appreciated


I logged in on the second attempt. Maybe an issue with the APP. Let me check why its not logging in at the first attempt.