Guest access Splash Screen Custom CSS


I am building a guest portal for a customer who just wants basic info on the splash screen.  How do I remove the check box so that they only have to click on the I agree button only.

Also can we make the splash page responsive by adding in the following <meta> element in all your web pages

thank you in advance.


Hi Darell,

Hope you are using CnMaestro based Captive portal. Customers requested if "Terms and Conditions" is configured in the Splash page user must click the checkbox, that's why it was made mandatory before clicking "Agree" button. In older release it was not there.

As you need a basic splash page, there are two solutions to avoid this check box,

1. If you leave the "Terms and Condition" option empty, the checkbox won't come in splash page, just you need to click Agree. Attached screenshot.

2. You can use captive portal hosted on AP, with "Portal Mode"-> Internal/Clickthrough, here also just you need to click only "I Agree", there is no checkbox for "Terms and Condition". Attached screenshot.

Regarding <meta> element part, we will check if any improvement can be done here. 

Also with Captive portal hosted on AP, "Portal Mode"-> External Hotspot, you can keep splash page in an external server where you can customise the <meta> element of the page. If needed we can provide the AP captive portal page which you can host in External server and do the customisation.





Thank you for your timely response.

We are running everything through an on premises cnMaestro.

Your tips and advice will help to make this project a successful one.

the back ground image the customer gave me is not very friendly and i think that has to do with the way the pictures are scalling.

Thank you again for the advice.

Darrell Ogg

Maybe I can get help in this thread. I want to add url links of my website on the splash page!!! If that possible??? Can you show me how is it is??? I need to resolve this issue ASAP if possible…

Please help me out…