Guest auth from AP, but i view guest client clickthrough in "guest client" list


i've configured WLAN with Guest Authentication on AP.

I've tested the connection and the Login Page is opened regulary. (1 week ago)

Today, i'm connected to CnMaestro (Cloud) for verify and i've noticed that in the "Guest Client" list i've 2 client connected (Apple and Android) but the type of autentication is "ClickThrough".

SomeOne know Why? SomeOne have the same problem?



If you are using Guest access hosted on AP with device onboarded to CnMaestro, "Guest Clients" details in CnMaestro will be as below.

Mode -> Internal/External (depends on Internal/External hotspot you are using in AP)

Type-> Clickthrough/Radius/LDAP (Depends on which Access policy you are using for GA authentication).

In your case, if you are using "Access Policy" as "Clickthrough", in CnMaestro "Guest Clients->Type" will show "Clickthrough".

Please clarify what "Access Policy" you are using and what is your expectation.

Please check screenshot attached.