Guest devices can't access captive portal

We're a public library and broadcast two SSIDs: a hidden one for staff and a visible one for the public. The public SSID requires authentication via a captive portal but is free to use.

Our IT department recently switched us from using UniFi APs to E600s. Since the switch, we've been having multiple issues with members of the public being unable to bring up the captive portal or, if they can bring it up and agree to our terms of service, their device claims it's connected but has no internet access. We're seeing this issue mainly with Windows 10 laptops, although it occasionally shows up with Kindle Fire HDs, too. We also see instances, on the same types of devices, of the network dropping its connection or simply kicking people off the network completely and being unable to reconnect. This is happening well before the device's DHCP lease has expired.

Since these are public computers, we don't really want to have to configure each user's laptop. Many of them are only visiting for a day, and we have dozens of wireless users daily, so it's pretty infeasible, to say nothing of being bad customer service.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we can address this issue? The E600s are running software version 3.7.1-r4. Thanks!


Please share us more details on your deployment such as:

  • Are you using Guest Access provided by Cambium
    • If not, share more details on guest access service provider
  • Please share techsupport of AP at
    • Procedure to download tech-support
      • Login to GUI
      • Navigate to Operations
        • Click on download tech-support.

Yes, we are using Cambium's guest access. When you refer to logging in the GUI, are you talking about cnMaestro? If so, I'm not seeing "Operations" as an option. Or are you talking about logging directly into the AP itself? We actually have three  of them.

Thanks for your help!

The method described by CAM_TSK is for in the AP's web GUI.

The Tech Support file can also be dowloaded via cnMaestro by navigating to the device level-dashboard, clicking the Tools tab and then clicking the Download Tech Support File button.  That button is the hand holding a wrench icon located above the picture of the device.

Great, thanks! Just emailed the files.