Guest Network Daily Log In Question

Customer asked if it would be possible to have guests connect to the Guest WiFi then hit a splash page where they have to enter a password.

They want the person to have to enter the password once every 24 hours.

This seemed an odd request for a residential system. So I figured I would ask

Hi there!

You’re looking for the “Session Timeout” function in Wlan configuration:

Pasted from the user guide:

Session Timeout:

This is the duration of time, client will be allowed to
access internet if quota persists, after which AP sends
de-authentication. Wireless station has to undergo
Guest Access authentication after session timeout.

Hope this helps!

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I found session time out.

I also found Local Guest Account. I think this is what I was looking for. Have to test it out.

It did make me put in a user and pass in a portal.