Guest Portal Access - How to set the "Guest Portal Hostname"?

My field is greyed out with the system's IP address in it. 

We have HA setup and the IP listed is of the primary server and not the floating address.. Not sure if this is important or not.. 

In the end we're configuring social logins for both Google and Facebook and from what I'm reading, that field needs to be the actual host name. of the floating HA IP.

I've searched through the on-prem manual and I can't find where that field gets changed.



Hi Sean, 

     Do you have admin / super admin rights ? Only they are allowed to edit hostname. Can you send more info like screen shot to the email address sent to your PM ? 



I do, was using the original Admin account.

Currently on a conference with some other Cambium engineers working out other issues in regard to our Maestro install and now I'm able to edit and save that field.

Thanks for reaching out but the issue looks to of resolved itself.