Guest portal doesn't show up

I'm trying to use a guest portal via E430's and cnMaestro. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Here's my ticket I put in.

I have the following setup.

Mikrotik Hex S Router -> SFP fiber connected to Netonix 14 port switch. Trunked vlans 2 and 3 - > CNPilot e430 pugged into Netonix, configured as trunk port

DHCP is being handed out by the mikrotik, I have a Vlan 3 interface setup on the cnpilot. Mikrotik is doing nat.

I am not able to get the guest splash page thru cnmaestro working with this setup.

On the cnpilot, if I turn off the guest authentication portal on, I connect to the WLAN and I get an IP address from the mikrotik, and I am able to ping and and (cnmaestro)

however the login page never shows up and I am never able to go forward.

If I disable the guest portal and connect to the WLAN I get an IP and browse internet like normal.

What am I missing?


  • Based on observations shared, it seems to be mis-configuration.
  • Please share tech-supprot of AP at
  • If you are using cnMaestro cloud, please invite me to the account.

Problem was, vlan interface did not have an IP assigned on cnpilot. Needed to have a static IP set. 

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