Guest portal login popup on mobile devices with Social login

I am using CnMaestro on premise with social login for my test setup.

With the mobile device (Samsung S7) I have to navigate to an http page to see the guest portal.

Are there any other tips or tricks to show the guset portal page?

I’ve read the note under social login, but I’m wondering if there is no way to use the Captive-portal Network Assistant (guest portal login popup on mobile devices) with social login enabled in some way?
(For example using CnMaestro cloud, or is it planned for future versions of cnmaestro?)

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Set the Captive portal, turn on social login there, in the SSID configuration, select the captive portal cnMeastro and select the correct one.
It should work :slight_smile:


I guess you have “Google” social login enabled in CnMaestro Guest profile.
For your kind information Google has stopped supporting CNA (auto pop-up) browser since last ~2 years. So, the only option to support “Google” social login in CnMaestro is to bypass captive portal and that’s the reason you need to navigate to a http site to get login page. This is the case for all Captive portal provider with “Google” social login and it can be solved only if google comes up with CNA browser support in future.

You will be seeing CNA (auto pop-up) browser working fine with other social login types (“FB,Twitter,Office 365”…Google should be disabled).

Please revert back for any further clarification.


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