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Hi all, I have problem setting up cnMaestro guest portal. When I enter Guest Portal Name as indicated on cnMaestro and test with device I get “no portal found” error when connected to HotSpot. I have onboarded the the cnPilot E500 and it is connected to cnMaestro but I noticed that rediredt url at top of screen on device connecting to hotspot is diferent than my cnMaestro url I see on web. Please help

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I feel there is mis-configuration on AP. Could you please share tech-support of the device?

Procedure to download tech-support:

  1. Login to GUI
  2. Navigate to Operations
  3. Click on Download tech support

Please send this to

Thank You.

Hi, I have sent you an email.




It seems that configuration on AP is incorrect.

Please follow the guidelines to configure GuestAccess Portal/Hotspot on your device as per the below URL:


Shashank Tadakamadla

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Dear CAM.

we still have problem too.

The web portal can not show the image backgroud.

Its only see the opacity cloud , in front off Backgroud.

Could you see the attched image and send us a feedback soon.

Can you try saving the image file in a different format?

I've found that some file types are a little problematic.


even the default image, i still get this problem?



Hi Minh,

I will communicate further over an email to assist you.

Best Regards,


Of Course Gupta.

This is my email :

Hi Minh,

1. Could you please let us know the AP version and Cloud version?

2. Kindly save the splash page explicitly if you do any changes in the guest portal.

3. Please invite me to your cloud account, it would be ease to process further? Mail id :

4. Are you seeing this probelm across all the mobiles?


Raja M

Hi Shashank

The link oyou put in on configuring guest access is not there