Guest Portal Terms and Conditions

For our Guest Portal i inserted our Terms and Conditions.

When I try to read it on an endusers device, i can not scroll down the page for these Terms & Conditions.  So only a small part of Terms and Conditions is readable. I know this worked a few weeks ago, but now it doesn´t work anymore. 

can you share us below information,

1. cnMaestro version in case you are using on premises version 

2. ap model and image version 

3. do we see the issue on some particular model phones or on all phones 

4. can you share us terms and conditions text, to try it out in lab

Hi, we are using cloud based version.

This Issue is seen on a Samsung Galaxy S9 (with newest Firmware available).

Also seen on a Huawei Mate 20.

The text of these conditions is irrelevant, it can be tested with any long text.

I see, that it is possible to create a link in these terms. I would like to use it to put our terms in a seperate .pdf file which can be accessed over this link.

But where can i store this file as long the guest user has no internet access at this moment while he is reading the terms and is not already logged in. 


We did test in our lab in cloud CnMaestro with long text configured in "Terms and Conditions".

Tested with different Android mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S10,Redmi Note 4, Lenovo with different Android versions 9,  7.0, 7.1.1, not seeing the issue and scroll down works fine.

Can you please confirm the android versions in which you are seeing the issue.

Also please confirm you are seeing the issue in both Auto- popup browser and other browsers (chrome, firefox etc).




Sorry for my late answer, i was out of office.

I was able to test with 3 different types of smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Android 10 and latest patches, Huawei P30 lite with emui 10.0.0 and a Samsung Galaxy S8.

On every phone opened the built in Auto- popup browser was used.

On none of them i could scroll down the text of the Terms and Conditions.

When I try to open the displayed link manually in chrome or samsung browswer, i get an xml error page.

I really would like to use the new implented link feature. If you can tell me, where to upload my file.disclaimer.JPG  


Thorsten Langner

Hello again,

i send you 2 Screenshots i made with my smartphone. There you can see 2 issues:

On this one you can see, that the german mutated vowels (ä,ü,ö) are not displayed. But i know, this worked a few weeks ago.

On the next screenshot you can see, that there is no scrollbar in the field for Terms and Conditions and again i know, that worked a few weeks ago:


Can you please invite me to your cloud account(Application->Users->Invite Cambium Support), so that i can check your config once, also i'll onboard one of my AP and check the issue.

Mail ID: ""



Hello again,

i sent you an invitation.

By the way, i could solve the issue with the wrong mutated vowels (ä,ü,ö) by including "@charset "utf-8"; " in the sample css file and uploading this file.


Onboarded my AP to your cloud account, i saw the "Terms and Conditions" scrollbar was not there with few mobiles in our lab. 

For now, i removed the "Terms and Conditons" text, saved it and pasted back the same text and saved again. Now getting the scrollbar, checked with few mobiles. Please confirm whether now the issue is solved. 

We will address this issue in upcoming release.




i saw it worked with that sample text.

Now i inserted the real text as you discribed - removed old text, saved, inserted new text - saved.

With the Text i want to have, it doesn´t work again.

Maybe you can give it another try....


I did the changes, checked with few mobiles, it worked.

Can you please confirm now.




seems to work now.

Thank you very much.