Guest vouchers

At present only Administratprs can create and print guest vouchers. It would be good to allow lesser logins the ability to create and print Guest access vouchers. This is a task we used to allow our Receptionist to do with the Aruba system we had before. Maybe the "Operator" role would be appropiate to add this ability to?



As an alternative (or in addition), I thought of another way that could lessen the work load on Administrators. When creating Guest access vouchers, it would be nice if we could choose the expiry time. e.g. On last day/s of Month, an Administrator creates 63 vouchers (3 pages) for the following Month, expirying on the last day of Month at 6pm. Reception could then print and cut the sheets as needed.

A different role for voucher creation (so it can be used on the GUI as well as through the new voucher creation cnConcierge app is being considered). Thank you for your feedback on this!

Has there been any update on this as it has been over 2 years?

Other interesting option is make that the voucher expiry time star when is claimed. Nowaday it’s impossible to implement.

This solution could help optimize the paper.