Guest Wifi Client Limit

Is there a guest wifi client limit? When we went live with Cambium (a large school with 1500+ potential users), our wifi would stop new users from connecting after a few weeks and one of my techs said he found an article where its capped at something like 1200 users (online or not). To counter this, we enforced a 7-day period where users would have to reauthenticate which fixed the issue.

Now it’s not a problem as such however I’d like to revisit this issue and see if I can allow users longer between reapplying. I can’t find any article about user caps and wondered if anyone can either point out whats configured wrong or know of the page listing the limits.

Thank you all.

Go to Configuration → WiFi Profiles → WLAN->Name of your WLAN->Advanced Setting (top down) there set user limit per ssid :slight_smile:

It is not limited per AP !!


Wait… Do you mean that number was how many can connect per SSID?

Just to confirm, there is no hard limit on a Cambium guest wifi system you know of?

Thank you

Edit: After I read the response again I had an additional question

Yes this is limit per SSID but hardware has own limits ( which is not configurable by cnmaestro)

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That would explain a couple of other problems I have been having. Thank you.