GUI change suggestions

While the AP has a sync and network connectivity icon and the SM has a network connectivity icon, I would like to see the SM have some sort of tower icon that goes green when it is connected to the tower.

It would also be great to see a faster updating alignment tool.  Right now it is extremely slow and clumsy (it reminds me of the old Tranzeo and Trango days =(  Some little pop up or a "light duty" wireless page would be fantastic.

Something at the top of the blue bar that shows the page refreshed would be great.  Sometimes we wait for the page to refresh only to find out that we lost connetivity to the radio and waste time waiting on it.  A green blink like the Tranzeos did would be GREAT!

The Monitor -> Wireless page formatting is just awful.  The information is absolutely magnificent.  Would it be possible to format the table into four columns and have less white space to make it easier to use?  On mobile it's dreadful and on our small laptop it's frustrating to scroll down only to have it refresh every few seconds forcing it to the top.  This page is without doubt the #1 most important part of the product and is seemingly the one that was most forgotten =(  It would also be nice to default to the thin view instead of wide view to make it more user friendly.

Hi All,

I am setting a ptp 450i, but iit is not sync

Assuming most of these comments were with respect to the ePMP GUI and interface... and that most (if not all) have been appropriately addressed. If not, please submit a new "Idea" with the request.