GUI in 2.5.1 very slow

I'm using my not too old laptop with Linux and Chrome (also tested with Firefox).

GUI is smooth with 2.3.4, but with 2.5.1 the GUI stalls for several seconds every other second. Computer has a spike of high CPU usage for a couple seconds, then a couple seconds works, and then again. It's about that all the time.

Can you post your system specs, os and browser versions ?

Yes, it is horribly slow on my ca. 2010 laptop with a Intel CULV U7320 dual-core w/ 4GB of RAM. Our field netbooks with Atom's suck even more with the ePMP GUI. My quad-core i7 at home and office Core2 Duo aren't too bad with it, still a little slow, but at least I don't want to throw things in anger.

You know... the Canopy GUI works just fine. On everything. :)


We feel your pain. We are doing our best to eoptimize GUI and we have number of improvements in our list.


Keep in mind that installers would rather carry an Atom netbook than an i7...

Cambium has made huge improvements with the interface but it is still the  most frustrating interface that I have to work with on a daily basis.   At least you can log into the radios with a phone now though it runs so slow on a phone that you may as well not bother.   It is slightly more usable on the windows tablets used in the feild but only slgihtly. 

The most frustrating thing right now , after the slowness, is that you never really know if the data you are seeing on the screen is current or if the radio is even still talking to you and refreshing the page means having to reload the entire painfully slow interface over again...  

Cambium has some of the best RF people in the business so we will continue to deploy these fantastic ePMP radios even though it has the worst interface people in the business.

I have an idea ! Ubiquiti nabbed some of Motorola's RF guys and those guys designed the best radios Ubiquiiti has to offer (AirFiber).  Maybe Cambium should nabb some Ubiquiti's Interface design people to show them how to code java/html...

Hi Guys, 

Please bear with this. GUI speed improvements are coming. 



If you need to use eAlign, for instance, you could go to   

  >>Config --> System --> Webpage-Auto-Update,  and set it to 20.

This way the interface will only lock-up every 20 seconds, instead of locking every 5 seconds.

This "workaround"  has made my life easier when setting up a new radio manually, when i have to navigate into most of the tabs...

Unfortunatelly you can't save this setting, so every time you open the GUI you'll be slow until you reach this field and set it.....

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