GUI Remote Access

Hello. We have a few of the R200 routers and were hoping they would be easy to manage but it is very confusing and hard to change the SSID and password. We need to download a variable and edit it to make it work but that is not sustainable. 

Our employees need to be able to click and use cnMaestro with a GUI to change settings and make this easier to use for them to use as we grow. I am not going to be deploying these routers until there is an easy way to manage them and deploy instead of using old school templates.

Any update on a GUI to manage these and make it look pretty? Thanks

Hi Darin,

 Acknowledge that the use of config templates, is not intuitive.  The team is working on this and we plan to unveil a config GUI with clickable and settable fields soon - targeting the end of this quarter. 

Thank you for the update. We look forward to it so we can start deploying these routers in mass.