Handle two networks on the AP or other solution

Hello Every body!

I have this question:

The Canopy 5200 AP can handle two networks?

That I need is to connect two subscribers and that both subscriber does not see it one to other.

The options that a see are:

a) Put two networks to the AP and connect one subscriber with some network for example and the other subscriber with other network for example

b) Use just one network and configure the AP to not allow the subscriber access it mutually.

I don’t need to know how made the solution, I just need to know winch can be made it or if you recommend who can be made it, so I can ask that solution to my provider, I ask to you because the only solution that a received of my provider don’t look the best option.

Thank you all, regards.

Look into using the VLAN’s. I believe that will best accomplish what you want to do.