Hard/Not Able to search on iphone

Maybe it’s just me but I find the search function in the new version not helpful.

Used to be I would click on Inventory and then system at the top and then just type a customers name (or address in) and click search and then it was easy to find the correct customer from the short list.(We use name as the street address field and description as the customer’s name).

This worked well on my iphone as well as desktop.

Now we need to Apply Filters to search.

But on a iphone when you do that all you can see is the top two filters with no ability to scroll up or down to choose other filters. And when one tries to change the filter selections there is no ability to choose the “Name” field.

If someone knows a better way I would appreciate having it shared.

Lastly it is frustrating that for Cambium PMP/ePMP radio the Name field can have spaces but not for a Cambium router. Would be nice to either fix this or allow the star “*” character as a wild card when searching.

Now on release 5 (cloud version).

Hi @Dave_Bradich
thanks for reporting issue, we have identified the issue. this issue will be fixed in the future release.