Hard Reset ePMP F425

This is new, hard reset on F425 will show this.

And showed “u can upload whatever you want” so my proper firmware will ax.img 5.1.3 which is the current firmware, then 5.4.2 but its not working and will show this error

when try again for 3rd time to upgrade firmware will get like this
we can still ping the radio but it will not go to the GUI.

FYI, we tried power sequence too. no luck getting the unit reset.

You might need to try stepping through an earlier interim firmware before going to 5.4.2… check out the firmware archive here:


Yeah, we tried downgrade from 5.1.3 to lower fw, still not working.

Why are you trying to downgrade the firmware? What are you trying to accomplish here?

As per title, we trying to hard reset the unit since power sequence also not working to reset the radio

Just guessing, but I see a Cancel and Reboot button. Does that accomplish what you want? Well, except that it sounds like your radio is bricked now?