Hardware difference between ePMP 2000 and ePMP 1000


I would like to know what hardware difference there are between ePMP 2000 and ePMP 1000, in term of CPU, RAM, Filters, ecc.

Thank you.

Cambium usually doesn't advertise the CPU and RAM used in their products... but after a little digging I've found a few details...

ePMP 1000 GPS has:

Atheros AR9344 SOC

CPU: 560Mhz
Flash: 16MB

ePMP 2000 I believe uses the qca9557 SoC, assuming they're using the stock config, then it would be 720mhz / 128MB

The 1000 does not have any specialized filtering capabilities.

The 2000 uses super het filtering on the TX and RX paths, along with an optional uplink beam forming/steering antenna.