Hardware Scheduling

Do non-advantage P8 & P9 APs support hardware scheduling? And if so, will there be any improvement if i switch over?

I believe only the p9 series support hw scheduling in the AP; all in that series do, regardless if they’re advantage or not.

hw has many advantages over sw: speed, latency, possibly link quality; also it seems that the newest 7.3 software has trouble with sw scheduling but works great with hardware.

The P8 SM boards will go to HW Scheduling. Youahve to use CNUT under CONFIGURE ADVANTAGE PLATFORM SCHEDULER. You need to load : CNUTHwScheduler.jar

Once you push this update to your P8 boards you need to make sure your AP is then set to HW Scheduling and reboot it. After the Reboot all your P8 SMs will register to the AP with HW scheduling.

I just did this Tuesday night on an OLD AP that we had. We replaced all the APs with advantage but it wasnt in our budget to change out all 56 SMs. So I went in Each AP and updated the SMs attached to each one then reboot the AP to HW scheduling.

Everything has been working great so far. Seems like all the customers are more stable also!

Hope this helps!

We did the same thing. Major improvement.