Has anyone ever seen an ePMP 1000 AP do this?!

Hi all, 

I am having a very strange issue with one of the ap's I have. Usually around the same time (12am on a sunday) the radio goes into some sort of protect mode where you will not be able to pass data through the lan. Reboot does nothing. It only comes back online after 4 of 5 hours. I have tried the following; replaced the cable and verified it, replaced the radio, switched the port on the switch, switched firmware (on and a few other things I am probably forgetting. I took a video of the flashing lan port on my switch (Port 7) it seems to blink 5 times slowly and twice fast and repeat. This must be some sort of message from either the radio or the switch telling me whats going on ive just never seen a blinking pattern like this before. If anyone has seen this and could guide me in the direction of a solution that would be much appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: When the switch is on 100mbps auto/auto port setting the radio pulses a 10mbps speed blinking pattern as shown in the video. I was able to force my port to 10mbps full duplex and connect to the device for a short period of time until it lost all communication on the management interface. All subscribers stay connected throughout the entire period. My switch log just shows the port going up and down. There is another AP on this same building with basically the same configuration on the same firmware which has never had this issue before. 


do you have interface stats? (pause frames, etc)

IIRC the orange LED on the cisco switch is R/STP status.

There is some mention of STP & Netonix switches having an issue, perhaps try disabling STP on the switch port?

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possibly look outside the box for this one.... is it possible a machine in the building is running on a schedule and killing your ethernet link?   I know it would be a pain, but if its possible, connect a laptop to the other end of this cable and at least rule out EMI killing your link.    seems odd to happen the same time, and it follows the port, and you didn't do it.  so maybe you can find an environmental factor causing the issue and then come up with a corrective action. 

That is what I was thinking it was also, there are a few radio stations on this roof. I have certified the cable during this event before. Its a direct bury shielded and grounded cat 6 cable. My next move is to move the AP to another location on the roof.

Hello, yes I have this same problem in one of the towers, which causes this and exactly the FM transmitter of the radios if it is very close, to solve the problem must put ferrites in the two ends of the network cable.

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Try swapping out the power brick.
Also try unshielding the cable.