Has this ever happend to anyone?

We have a tower with two 360 ap’s about 200 feet up; gps synced and different frequencies. They are now running version 8.1.5 but were upgraded from version 7.3.6. The problem is sm’s with version 8.1.5 are not working in a certian area. I was doing an install with full veiw of the tower about 6 miles away. So I used a motorola dish and mounted the arm with the dish to the peak of the roof. I was using a sm with version 8.1.5. We peaked in as usual and nothing. Could not get the dang thing to register. I could see both ap’s in ap eval. But still no “registered”. We tried with the same with three other sm’s. All three had the same result. Then out of desperation, I tried an older sm with version 7.3.6. As soon as it booted up it was registered with an RSSI of ~800 Jitter of 1-3 and a dBm of -72. This has happened one time before in the same neighborhood. So has this ever happened to anyone else? And if so, what was the solution? I guess what I’m looking for is an explanation of what’s going on and possible solutions to this problem. Please help. Thank you in advance for any responces.

Try the same SMs in other area, they probably won’t work either. There is a problem with some P10 units, it’s been discussed here.

We actually did some testing today because we were experiencing the exact same thing.

So we went to about 1 mile from one of our tower sites and fired up a P9 7.3.6 SM and registered to the tower at a -57. Using that a point of reference, we took 15 P10 SM’s running 8.1.5 and registered eachone of them to the tower (one at time of course) and the results of each registration differed greatly.

Some SM’s had a -57>-60 and others were as bad as -66. That’s 9db worse then the 7.3.6.

In total we had 6 out of the 15 that wore -62 or worse and another 5 that were -60 > -62 and only 4 that were better then -60. And out of that 4 not one managed a -57 the best was a -58.

I undertand that each radio isn’t created equal, but 6-9db difference?..Come on 6-9db can make or break an install.

We will be contacting MOTO to find out what they have to say shortly.

Frothingdog.ca would you please post motorola’s reply when you hear from them. It would be greatly appreciated and also keep me from pulling my hair out and breaking things!!!

Well I called MOTO today. I told the tech what was happening and gave him all the details. All he said is that they have recieved several other complaints about the same with the new radios, and that he is going to escalate (I love that word) to the 2nd Tier Support.

He didn’t have a solution or a quick fix for now. So we are just going to send the radios back to our supplier and hope that the ones they send back are good.