Have a customer with transmit discards.... Any clues?

When the Receive/Transmit Discards chart spikes in the RF Traffic page in Prizm, (I think corresponding to the outdiscards Count on the RF Control Block Statistics page in the radio), the traffic slows to a crawl. Ping times are measured in seconds, lots of page could not be displayed errors, etc.

This is a 900MHz client, fairly close to the AP, power is balanced across the AP, not really seeing this on other clients (as far as I know :shock: ).

Any hints on where I should look first?

Also: Link test is perfect, RSSI and Jitter at both ends is what should be expected.






first guess is a broadcast storm flooding the radio.

I went there first, but there is minimal traffic coming across the radio at the time, and none of it looks suspect or even abnormal.
The radio is bridged and plugged directly into a Cisco router doing NAT for the network.
Is there something in particular that you suggest I block in the cisco, or some way to tell from the outside what may be hitting it?



You could obviously run wireshark on the inside during the sluggish period and see if it was traffic on the internal network. Since you mentioned the router is a Cisco: Have you tried hard-coding the link negotiation speed on the Canopy and the router, as opposed to letting them auto-negotiate the speed?

Hello there,

I agre with the hard coding on the cisco and SM…

On that note, what do you see on the interface of the router when you do a “show inter …” this should show you if there are errors or problems of that nature. I would also check your lan port as well to make sure. Other than that, might want to try another SM as well.

Main thing, you have to find why there are errors/disgards- as I’m sure you know.

Have you tried another channel, or done a freq scan in that area? are there any known sources of interference in the area?