Have the ePMP equipment affect to human ?

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Yeterday, when i tested the ePMP equipment, I was feel tired, to had headache, i am afraid of affecting me. I don't understand.

Can you give me a explanation of its effect ?

Thank you everyone !

Were you using 2.4ghz radios turned up to full 30dBm TX power along with a high gain directional antenna within a few feet pointed towards your head?

If you were doing something like this, then yes... you can expect a headache/pounding in your head within a few minutes or more. Basically, your brain is being cooked, like delicious left over Thanksgiving turkey in a microwave oven. I've had this happen with high power 3.65ghz gear as well. I don't think I've ever noticed 5ghz  radios having this effect. Some people are more sensitive to RF then others and will feel the effects sooner and some not at all.

In any case, when testing, staging, working in lab... set the power down to as low as possible and/or use a 50 ohm  attenuator or terminator on the RF ports. Lastly, never work with radios that aren't plugged into a load, like an antenna or attenuator... you could damage the radio.

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I used the integrated radio ePMP100 having the frequency 5GHz with the power -24 dBm (the ePMP1000' lowest power) and the distance 5m.

I only across quickly this devide about several times and i fell tiredness and headache situation, therefore I powerd off it immediately.

When I came back home, i remain very tired. I think, I may be affected by them. 

What do you mean by "I only across quickly this devide about several times..." Are you running back and forth between radios quickly? That would probably make me tired and give me headache :-)


It mean I must went to near the device to connect the ethernet cable into the PSU for management. I only do it about 5-7 times.

Have you ever worked with any other RF/microwave equipment in the past and had issues? Are there other radios around where you're working with ePMP? If you are using the ePMP radio with the power turned down all the way there really should be no effect.

No have not, I am only tesing the device. I also don't think it affect me. But this thing is very strange, we need to be more carefully when work together them.


In the ePMP User Guide, there is a section titled "HUMAN EXPOSURE TO RADIO FREQUENCY ENERGY". It provides guidelines as well as compliance information on safe operating distances of the ePMP radio. This is available for all Cambium radio/microwave products in thier respective User Guides. Please adhere to these guidelines so you do not expose your health to risk. Please remember that these are recommendations so use your own judgement when operating RF emitting devices. If you feel something is wrong with yourself, then use extra caution or even talk to your doctor to make sure you are ok. 



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