having a problem identifying the radio model

i have a P11 PTP radio running version Canopy  11.2 BHUL-DES

here is the version dump from the module:

Software Version : CANOPY 11.2 BHUL-DES
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 1.0
FPGA Version : 090711

FPGA Type: C120
PLD Version : 1
Frequency Band : 5.7GHz
Hardware Platform : 11
Hardware Minor Revision : 0
Device Type : CANOPY
MIR Cap : 65535 (kbps)
CIR Cap : 65535 (kbps)

i need to know if this a 230 ptp module or if it is a 450x module so that i can update the software.


450x modules cannot run 11.x version. Minimum version they can run in 12.x. Therefore, what you have is a 230.