Having issues with the Wifi Hotspot not passing internet.

I have 2 different locations set up exactly the same. A rodeo area and a football field. I have a Force200 which connects to my AP on the tower. Directly connected to the Force200 is the WIFI Hotspot, set up with 2 Wlans (1 for Wifi and 1 to connect to a Force180), 3 Vlans (1 for management, 1 for Wifi, and 1 for Force180), and 2 DHCP pools (1 for wifi and 1 for Force180) I have a Force180 set up at Wifi SM that is connected to a Wlan 2 on the Hotspot to get internet into an office. Nat is enabled on the Wifi hotspot on all 3 Vlans. The Force200 and for Force180 are both in bridge mode.

This set up works great at the rodeo area, but will not at the football field.

The only difference is they are on 2 different networks. The network the football field is on has management and data Vlans, the network the rodeo area is on doesn't. I wouldn't think this would make a difference since this is programmed in the Force200.

Any ideas or suggestions?