HCMP 700 sector capacity

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Please i need to know if i have one sector (HCMP 700 ) and two subscriber connected  on this sector , can i take the full capacity from sector ( 338Mbps ) or i can take only the quarter capacity from the sector (84.5 Mbps )

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Thank you for the post. I have forwarded this to  our development team.


Hi Mahmoud,

For HCMP mode, there are many link symmetry options at disposal. The User guide provides detailed options, here if you have 40 MHz channel size with 2 Slaves. Assume 300 Mbps is total throughtput and they have same interference and are operating at same modulation rate

If you choose 2:1 then

Master -> Slave 1 = 100 Mbps

Slave 1-> Master = 50 Mbps
Master ->Slave 2 = 100 Mbps

Slave 2 -> Master = 50 Mbps

Hope this helps, let us know if you need more clarification



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Please check the attached file , only the total sector capacity is 80Mbps with two subscriber module

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