Heartbeats failing CBRS

Trying to figure out why Heartbeats are dropping constantly. This reminds me of GPS failing with a packetflux sync injector due to the lightning protector?

Using an on-prem version of cnMaestro. Upgraded to latest FW on AP/SM and the cnMaestro.

Is anyone else having issues these issues. I am unsure why but sessions are being dropped as CBRS is being suspended. I am half tempted to remove the lightning protector.

Have you opened a support ticket for this issue?

Are you using a proxy or are the CBSDs able to communicate to the internet?

Are you experiencing this on an original 450 AP (not 450i or 450m)? There are some heart beat fixes for the original 450 radios included in the newest R20.2.1 beta 4.

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