Heatmap Radius

This software looks great and we were excited to start using it. However we ran into an issue that stopped our adoption of the software. Are there any plans to increase the radius of the heatmaps generated by cnHeat? We need these to be up to 18.02 miles / 29km. I was told the current max is 14 miles. I understand that takes a ton of processing power, but it is the barrier for us to start using this platform. Obviously at this distance NLOS/nLOS is not needed. I’m sure there are other rural WISPS that could use this too. We specifically only need this range for CBRS APs, but maybe someone needs it for 5GHz too.

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Same here, We need to reach out at least 16 miles.

So the computation becomes exponentially more difficult the greater the range.

Not only are there more 1m x 1m square pixels to calculate, but the path profiles become longer for those newly added (outside ring) pixels.

In general the computations become a cube (^3) of the range. So a 16 mile range is not twice as difficult as an 8 mile range but 8X more difficult.

With CBRS and mountaintop installs we are even hearing from customers that go considerably beyond 16 miles.

To combat this for the purposes of doing pre-qualification (determining truck rolls) we are planning to introduce a feature where you can do a lookup for the customer residence and only run a heatmap around that small 100m area. By doing this we think we can reasonably extend the range to the distances discussed here. We are trying to target the end of this year or the beginning of next year for this feature. But as always things are subject to change.

Thanks for the Reply; I understand the issues and look forward to your solution as it will be helpful.

We kind of had the idea that we would someday use cnHeat as our coverage map. Letting potential customers look up their own addresses and see if they were in or out of our coverage area. Without having the larger range, this won’t work for one of our intended uses.
Additionally, we use cnHeat to demonstrate how wireless coverage works to potential investors or even government agencies looking to invest money into specific areas. Without being able to show the extra miles of coverage potential, we will have a much harder sell.

To be honest, it sounds like a great opportunity for your team to acquire more high-end computing hardware :grin:

I’m not trying to complain, and I do appreciate all the hard work that has been put into cnHeat. I look forward to using it for a long time.

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