I need set height for a site but i don't know if i need to set the total heigh above see level (AMSL) or only the hight of the tower


100 meters amsl + 14 tower meters = 114 meters


14 tower meters = 14 meters

Thank you!

The antenna height in LINKPlanner is the height above ground level. The ground height will be added from the profile.



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So i must set the only tower's height, right?

Thank you!

You need to set the height at which the antenna is going to be installed above ground level. It is not always possible to mount an antenna right at the top of a tower, so using the full tower height may not be appropriate.

LINKPlanner will warn you if you set an antenna height that is larger than the maximum height of the site. You can use the tower height to define the maximum height at the site. This can be configured in the network sites list.

If the antenna is installed lower than the height used in LINKPlanner then the link may not have the clearance expected during the planning.