hello house, what is the ideal value to configure on my epmp 450 for rssi threshold?

Trying to deploy a ptp link today on epmp forc110. Could see the available AP from SM  at a value of 67dBm but it didn't associat. however, indicator behind the AP keeps reflecting that the radio associated has all the indicators were on.
My question is what should  be the ideal configuration or value for "subscriber rssi threshold   on my AP"? And also SNR threshold to be configure on the SM? 

Hi aladex,

ePMP devices have “Network Entry RSSI Threshold” and “Network Entry SNR Threshold” parametes configurable on SM side.

During deployment it is better to configure “Network Entry RSSI Threshold” to -100 dBm and “Network Entry SNR Threshold” to -5 dB. In that case SM will be able to establish connection with all AP shown in Scan list[Monitor -> Wireless page].

If the AP RSSI Threshold is set to -80 dBm, and the SM is receiving the AP signal at -85 dBm (RSSI = -85 dBm), the SM will not attempt to register to the AP.

After link deployment you can increase “Network Entry RSSI Threshold” and “Network Entry SNR Threshold” to manage your links with pinpoint accuracy. It is especially relevant for multi-cellular coverage.

Thank you.

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