Help Decyphering SNR/BER

Please see attached.

2.6 miles away from tower. 

I have one other location that is like this. What is going wrong?

(Later the SNR jumped to 27b/34a all of a sudden.)

Oh great gurus of the wireless, please guide me!

Hmmm... sounds like you're seeing lots of periodic noise on path B. If you run an SA on both the AP and the SM at the same time (timed SA from AP, you might need to run it for awhile if this issue happens really sporadically), and you look at the SA data from the SM, do you see high levels of energy on path B? Do you know of any other people opearting on 3.65, on or near the channel you're using in the area? Do you have the ability to try a different channel or perhaps a smaller channel width and move a bit?

No one else on 3.65 in the are that I know of. Only 10 Mhz right now (been told we should make that 20...).

OK, we sniffed it out. Ubiquiti PTP on 3.6. We think might be from cell company.

It seems to be the only thing, we just happen to be inside the field of view. I can't move that SM, any way we could shield it on one side? Or is that silly talk?