Help! - I've lost GPS Sync on my system!

Howdy folks. We have had some pretty good storms rolling thru here this afternoon.

I decided to check my system, and I have lost sync.

From CMM:

Tracking Mode Acquiring Satellites
SYNC Pulse Status No SYNC

Other info from CMM:

SYNC Pulse Status No SYNC Tracking Mode Acquiring Satellites
GPS Time 00:28:57 GPS Date 03/19/2008
Satellites Tracked 0 of Satellites Visible 9
Height 52 meters Antenna Connection Over Current
Latitude N36 01.5080
Longitude W90 59.2030 Invalid Msg 0
Restart Count 0

Don’t know why. I can still access cmm/aps normally. What does the “Over current” mean? Sounds bad…

I saw a previous post about updating my CMM software. Here is my version info:

PLD Version 5
Software Version CANOPY CMM 2.2 Build 2 Feb 23 2006 16:45:22

I had read that maybe updating to 2b might fix my problem. Does anyone have that file and can send to me?

My system has worked fine for months with no problems. Suddenly this.

Any other suggestions?


I’ve never had a a problem with a CMM yet in regards to sync. But my guess would be either the antenna is dead, cable has water in it or your using the wrong OHM of cable. But if it just happened then it’s probably one of the first 2.

Change the Cable. It seems shorted.

had that problem a while back turned out to be a bad baord in the cmm moto went good for it (under a year)

Overcurrent is almost always a wet connector.

Use a hair dryer or heat gun on low setting to warm up the connectors on the CMM, GPS antenna, and cable to evaporate any residual moisture.

NOTE: Be careful not to overheat the connector as the plastic insulators can melt and will not seat correctly.

Reconnect and test. If it still is not working, try another cable.

And don’t forget to re-weatherize if it solves your problem…

probably bad board on cmm

indeed - it was the cable. Replaced it, all the satellites came up, and the sync light came back on.

CMM is OK.

Thanks everyone.

Crisis averted…