Help my diagnose poor download speed as my ISP is no help


I am beyond frustrated with my ISP who installed my connection using a Cambium Antennae.

It started 5 weeks ago when my speeds changed from a constant 20mbps down and 10 up to around 6-8mbps and 4up.

I have requested a site visit and 4 weeks later I am still no further forward so I need to see if I can improve things myself. 

My neighbour on the same connection as me with the same type of antenae is still getting the 20mbps down as before so it all points to my antennae. It is fitted on a pole outsode my window and is losose as it has only been fixed with tie wraps that have worn and it rotates on the pole quite easily. I have tried moving it to see if that increases the speed but nothing seems to change. I changed the cable and power supplies and that made no dofference either so its either the aignment or the actual antennae.

My speed tests appear to show huge peaks and troughs like its losing connectin then coming back up, where my neighbours connection appears solid.

I haveattached a few speed test pictures and a pic of the actual antennae and would really appreciate it of anyone can tell me what could be wrong, how to test or fix it etc.

Thanks you all



I suspect you are correct that poor alignment between the subscriber module (aka Antenna) and the access point at the tower is the source of your errtic performance.  Unfortunately, highly unlikely that you can correctly align the atenna yourself without knowing the vector of the correct tower.  I will email you directly to discuss next steps.



It could just be a problem with the Ethernet wiring to your new apartment. In your apartment, you could open up your Ethernet wall jack and look at how the cable was terminated there, looking again for loose connections, mismatched pairs, rolled pairs, and the appropriate grade of wiring.