Help needed for new cambium installation

Hello all, i am glad to be here.

I will write in full detalis in order to get correct guideness from you, and excuse me for bad english.

We are small semi WISP here in Sudan working in a 6x7km city. And we are expanding very well becuase of the low budget plans we use.

We are using a network toplogy not even close to what you can said (Typical WISP network) , but we are a poor side of the country.

The network schema is like this:

  • All access points and backhaul is UBNT , all ap is M5 gears.
  • All our plans is hotspots users using credits or vouchers.
  • We use Mikrotik with radius in backbone.
  • Our users connect to tower using 2 reqular omni-directional AP build on openwrt firmware , one is on house roof in a water-proof box conntected to the nearset M5 tower and the other in the house conntected to outside AP transmitting in 2.4ghz inside home.
  • All our client AP is 2x2 mu-mimo wave2 with beam-forming support.
  • We disable airmax in all M5 AP.
  • The roof AP connected to M5 AP in a way it pass all devices mac of connected users to mikrotik for accounting and other stuff.
  • We use mix of reqular AP and M2 antenna outside in some streets to work as a hotspot for our users.

This is the general topography.

Now we need to upgrade our system to Cambium gears.

Our main concern is the high price for SM device which it is impossible to be bought by our users. So we need first to upgrade our tower to suitable cambium product that give us the possibilty in working in standard wifi mode (It should accept connection from openwrt ap and insure that it pass the users device mac to our backend).

After upgrading all towers need for whole city coverage , we will move to some cheap SM’s from other venderos using solution like ePMP Elevate option, this is ofcourse if you suggest to go with epmp product.

The above step will start after we recover from all towers upgrade and return our upgrade costs inorder to arrange some flexible SM upgrade payment to our client.

Also i need to know, is all features in cambium product we still working in standard wifi mode ( gps, beamforming, tdma … etc)?

I am sorry again for large post, but i need to make my question clear as possible.

Thank you all.

Hello @Maher_Mohamed welcome to the Cambium forums!

Just a few things to note…

  1. ePMP elevate program has been discontinued.

  2. There’s no WiFi support on the ePMP 3000 radios. There is hidden WiFI support on the ePMP 4000 radios, but it’s not well supported. WiFi mode is not recommended for long term use, it’s very limited, not well tested.

  3. WiFi mode does not support GPS sync or TDD. Depending on the radio used, it might support beamforming and MU-MIMO. WiFi support is very basic.

  4. I’d suggest that you talk to your Cambium regional sales manager (RSM) to find out pricing and availability for the ePMP 3000 series radios. There are some promotions going on right now and you should be able to find good pricing.

  5. Based on what you’ve mentioned, I’d suggest starting out with ePMP 3000 and only using TDD-mode and ePMP 3000 clients.

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