Help setting up a RSTP Ring on 3 x EX2052 Switch's

I am trying to configure a RSTP Ring between 3 x EX5052 Switch’s using 10G SFP+ links.
Switch 1 I want to be the Root.
Switch 2 is connected to Switch 1
Switch 3 is Connected to Switch 1
And Switch 2 & 3 are also connected together but I want this link to be the redundant/backup link
Default VLan and 2 additional VLans (Guest WiFi & VoIP) are on all the switch’s.
Currently setup using cnMaestro for remote administration and monitoring.

Hi, assuming you are using 10G links for all switch-switch connection, you need to set the spanning-tree priority of switch 1 to a lower value than the priority on switch 2 and 3. By default priority is 32768, so you can set switch 1 to 4096.
The link connecting switch 2 and 3 will be in spanning-tree blocked mode without any configuration change.

Hi. I have done that and it works, but if the switch’s are rebooted, one of them drops off the network and is no longer visable and anything attached to it can not access anything not connected to it directly. But if I pull one of the SFP+ transceivers out and the plug it back in everything starts to work until the switch re-boots!!

Hi, sorry to hear you are having a problem. Please raise a ticket and we can assist you with this matter.