Help To Reset Cambium SM Canopy To Default Ip

Hello Everyone, My Name Is Benjamin I want Help, I Disable Ethernet Link So Now I Can't Go Back In Inside Antenna SM Canopy, Any Help For Reset To Default Mode Or Any Useful Way To Back In Configuration? Thank You.

You can reach your SM from AP.
If it's disconnected, it depends on the model to revert to default.

Which model is it?

 It Is Disconnected On AP..

The Model: 3592HH   That's Model As You Can See On The Pictures Below

It's SM Canopy

You need a "reset plug" to plug in the RJ12 port, then restart your Sm. it will boot up with default parametres (ip Neable your ethernet and you're done.

Here you can find how to make your reset plug

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Thank You So Much For Help Now Its Okey