Help Understand Dashboard Screen

The following is the display of a SM installed on 4/7 at 1300 CDT (1800 UTC).

Trailing edge of the throughput graph starts at 4/7 1400 CDT - What does each point represent, Avg throughput over an hour?

Usage graph indicates usage for 4/6 - BUG - I assume this is a graph of total usage midnight to midnight of the particular date.

Help please.

Throughput graph shows the hourly average throughput for a device.

Usage graph for an SM shows the daily usage.


How do I have data for 4/6 when I didn't install unit till 4/7? - Bug?

The data usage graph for SM issue i tried to reproduce on both Cloud as well as on Premises servers but i am unable to reproduce it. The data points are correctly shown. If you dont mine can you on board any other AP and SM or SM alone and check whether the issue is occuring int hat new device also. If the issue is seen in the new SM also i will raise a bug and ask our engineering team to look into the same.

One of the engineers was able to reproduce it on the current build, so it looks like it is a bug.

Any word on this BUG?

Can you clarify what the issue is?

Is it just a matter of mislabelling the dates?  A time correlation error? How much? I know there was an issue with time before - Local -vs- UTC.  Is this still the case? 

The data doesn't mean much without some kind of explanation.

I know you can't fix it on the fly, but if you could tell me how to read the graph; it would be a great help.

Hi Luis,

Thanks for your patience. This is a bug in the current UI. The day's data aggregation for the bar chart happens over an UTC day rather than the users local time. We will try to prioritize this in our upcoming release.

Still not addressed in 1.5.1 OP - Doesn't appear to be just a matter of time zone diffrence.  The correlation is a full day off - We are at UTC - 5 data is being displayed a day earlier.  If anything, the displayed data should be a day later not earlier.

Other data is likewise incorrect.  Alarms reports show raised time as local , cleared times as UTC duration is correct.

Again , it makes it difficult to trobleshoot.  

cnMaestro works pretty well as a realtime management platform, but not so much as a reliable historical data collection/utilization or trobleshooting tool.