Help with Backhaul!!!

Ok first off, we picked a bad day to do this backhaul connection, the high was 12° and there was about a 30 mph wind so after 2 hours of being up there I couldn’t feel my fingers/toes so I didn’t have much patience up there, but anyway here are the issues we are having:

1) We have the master 2.4 20mbps BH on a 150 foot grain elevator. The slave is on a silo 25 feet high 12 miles away. When you look on the slave’s ap evaluation page, it shows a signal strength of -61 dbm, however it won’t register. On the master side I don’t see a signal at all.

I’ve tried changing frequencies, it is only set to 10 mbps right now and for software scheduling, the master is receiving GPS sync from the CMM just fine.

2) The other issue I was seeing (I think might have been a coincidence) is when I was at the master, my installer on the slave side only heard an audible tone when I removed my audio cable from the master side. Is this normal? Shouldn’t I be able to hear an audio tone on the master side also?

Any help would greatly be appreciated, I don’t want to have go up on that freezing tower for much longer.

Tone is heard when the BHS/SM starts to register. It’s not present on the BHM/AP.

First you get the BHS to at least start to register or pick up a partial tone. The AP Eval Data will reveal if the BHS actually sees the Master at all.

Then flip Timing modes and repeat. Once it registers, peak the BHS and then flip Timing modes again. Peak the other end.

On the BHM all you will see in the Status Page is if the BHS is registered or not. In the sessions page it will give you some info about the last time the BHS registered.

Try HW scheduling, it’s more forgiving.

Ok thanks Jerry, I’ll try flipping to hardware, do you think the height at the slave side is a major issue?