Help with cnPilot R201P in Bridge Mode

Hello, I have a cnPilot R201P and I have a router which helps me control access to the internet via an app (Gryphon) - I would like to use the cnPilot purely as a bridge, so the Gryphon is doing the NAT, I have tried various settings but get no internet on my LAN in bridge mode, at the moment both routers are in Router mode so I am double NATing, can someone help me to get the config correct please?

Hi Paul,

If you are using the default single WAN profile, then just change the “WAN IP Mode” to bridge should be sufficient. Post that traffic from all ports bound to the WAN will be bridged. A client connected to a bound LAN port should get IP directly from your external DHCP server. Please refer to attached screen shot.

If you are using multi WAN config, then you have to ensure that your Internet WAN profile is set to Bridge mode and appropriate ports are bound to it.

If you client getting IP ?

Thank you I assume if I have PPPoE detials in the cambium modem that I will need to replicate these in the router I am going to use?