Help with Frequency Planning

In attachement I placed the base stations on the  google map with Frequency Planning.

Please tell me this is correct

Looks pretty good, and follows the PMP 450 Planning Guide recommendations (Table 16) for the most part.  My only recommendation would be to rotate the site to the South East of the site on the top of the map.

Rotating this site by 60 degrees counterclockwise would separate the sectors that face each other by the maximum amount possible (40 MHz instead of 20 MHz).

The others shouldn't matter that much if they are separated by enough distance or obstructions.

Let us know how it goes.


I did mutations both as per your recommendations and  add name Base station

in aatacnement modify maps.

distanse beetwen base station 1-2 mile

Thanks for numbering the sites.. much easier to refer to them now.

It looks like you rotated Base 2.

I was actually suggesting to rotate Base 5... so that Frequency A of Base 5 is facing into Frequency C of Base 3, giving 40 MHz of separation.

If the sites are 1-2 miles apart, you may need to adjust AP power to minimize interference in some cases.

Does this make more sense?

I think that may be detrimental depending on the range expected. Rotating Base 5 60 degrees would create an immediate overlap of 5665 within a few city blocks. I'd be fine with some downtilt and just live with a sort of no-man's zone there the side lobes overlap.

In attachement i rotate Base5 but Base5 A4 can create problems for the Base2 A1. And Base5 C3 problems  Base4 C6. In old AP 450 Town before rotate Base5 i have problems client connected Base4 A4if i down Base5 A4 - clets good connected Base4 A4.

And second question - afte rotate on real base i may only change frequency  or else i need change sector Id