Help with my provider

I have the 900 mhz system. Dont know the exact equipment i have. Its on a 45’ pole. I need help with my ISP. My problem is that when i surf the internet i can get about 3 pages then it stops for about a minute then goes about 2 or 3 pages then stops again. Stop for 30 secs or 2 minutes. Sometimes i close out internet explorer and restart it. Sometimes it start back good some times not. Yahoo messanger logs in and out about every 15 minutes. About 3 weeks ago my ISP said it was the heat in the weather. Something around 9 in the morning and 9 in the evening. Here is email:

It’s a temp. Inversion we’ve been having them every morning this week on 1 part of the network or the other, usually starts around 9am till 9:20 sometimes in and out till 10am, but it should stop in the next day or so I hope. your signal is great on your antenna that side of the system is runnung fine cause the computer i work on is on the same AP as you
so it must be inversion
here’s more … f_absor.pd

Does this make sense? If this is so am i not going to be able to use my internet in La. during the month of August? That was 3 weeks ago. Now its worse. Is there anything you guys can give me i can send him? Or reply to this posted with some info so i can forward this to him. I just cant see paying for this monthly but dont want to loose it. It has worked great at one time. Only other option i have is back to dialup. Dont want that but its better than what i have now. I ran new wire, bought a new linksys wireless-g router with speedbooster with 4 port plug in. I have desktop which i am doing all this on. Wife has wireless laptop and we both are having this problem. No trees close. Thanks


Is the radio aiming back over your house? Try raising the radio another 6 feet and see if that helps.

No the antenna is not pointing over my house. About 300 yards of open field before trees. I cant go another 6 feet either. Thanks.


does your ISP allow you to view your canopy subscriber module?

Is it only from 9am to 10am?

It sounds like your ISP is admitting to one problem but it sounds like your problem is greater then they understand.

Im not sure what a temp inversion is. I do the tech support for over 1000 customers and that has never been any sort of a possible problem. If that was the case why would he expect it to stop in a few days?

Sounds like they have some goofy traffic screwing something up. You should encourage your ISP to seek help on this forum.

Inversion layer is where the air changes temperature and density. Radios with proper fade margin will not be affected.

We have had issues with marginal signals on very hot days.

Three solutions:
- Increase the antenna gain (this is what did)
- Increase the elevation (gets the radio a little better Line of Sight)
- Wait for cooler days.

Does this look ok? I had to run new cable but i got the antenna up about another 6’ or more. Info I got off my radio up there.
Model # 9000SMC
PN # 9000SMCBC
I dont see a manufacture name on it. Is there a better antenna and radio i can buy and replace what i have? If so can i have a link for where to purchase? Thanks

Device Type : 900MHz - Subscriber Module - 0a-00-3e-91-43-f6
Software Version : CANOPY SM-DES
Software BOOT Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
Board Type : P9
FPGA Version : 041006
Uptime : 00:08:42
System Time : 00:02:58 01/10/2001
Ethernet Interface : 100Base-TX Full Duplex

Subscriber Module Stats
Session Status : REGISTERED VC 24 Rate 2X/1X
Registered AP : 0a-00-3e-91-8b-40
RSSI : 1395
Power Level : -76 dBm
Jitter : 3
Air Delay : 261 approximately 7.27 miles (38367 feet)

What kind of router do you have? You may have a link negotiation issue between the radio and the router. Have your provider force the link speed on the SM to 10M/Full Duplex.

Also have them disable the 2X mode in the SM. With a marginal signal such as yours, 2X causes more problems than it solves as the radios is constantly switching between 1X and 2X. If your subscribed speed is less than 1.5Mbps 2X isn’t helping you anyway.

Signal looks a tad on the low side, however we don’t know what the noise floor looks like. Also, are there any trees between your radio and the tower that services you? At 7.6 miles you really need to have a clear Line of Sight or more gain. When the trees move in the wind you will likely lose your link.

What is the antenna? If you could take a picture, put it on a photo sharing site and post a link to it here we would tell you if there is a better antenna you could buy. The SM is fine.

Oh yeah, and tell your provider to stop making excuses.

here is the antenna

That is a 9 element Yagi, probably 9dB.

A 13dB yagi would give you quite a bit more signal. Ask your provider if they have any 13dB Yagi antennas in stock. If they don’t they should.

If you try purchasing and installing one yourself pay particular attention to sealing the connector as any water intrusion will kill your signal.

Hes telling me i have a 12.5 now, but tells me hes going to order some more 17. He suggested dual if i wanted to pay for the splitter and the 2nd antenna my self. Does this look ok? Would it help any. Actually i been running fine all day. Tells me its not tree blocking. Just me but if it was trees blocking would it be doing it all the time. I might under stand dew or rain on leaves having them hanging a little lower. But mid afternoon and its been running fine all day. Online game has been steady 110 ping which is average of most people i play online with. And no disconnects.

if you are that good with a 13 (I still that that’s a 9 or maybe an 11), a single 17 will be perfect.

Trees that are still are far less of a problem than trees that are moving in the wind.

Thanks for the help Jerry. I see all that are posting here are Providers and i am the only client here thanks for taking time giving me suggestions and all.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
That is a 9 element Yagi, probably 9dB.

A 13dB yagi would give you quite a bit more signal. Ask your provider if they have any 13dB Yagi antennas in stock. If they don't they should.

If you try purchasing and installing one yourself pay particular attention to sealing the connector as any water intrusion will kill your signal.

Sealing the connector? Are you talking about the cable from the radio to the antenna? He has it just screwed in. Any suggestion on sealing it? I have a Linkysy Wireless-G with speedbooster router with 4 port on the back. Model #WRT54GS
Firmware v7.50.2


Yes, the connector itself is water tight, however water can get into the connector through the point where the cable enters the connector.

Search the forum for info on sealing or “wrapping” connectors.

Im with Jerry, no way do I believe that that yagi has 13dB of gain (probably nine or ten). We use 13dB yagis and they are twice as long and 15 elements. Put a Cushcraft 13db yagi up and turn off the 2x mode. Run 10 sec. link tests, with a signal of -76/2 I would expect 98-100% but like mentioned depends on the noise floor in your area.

I believe Jerry is spot on (again), that looks like a 9db to me possibly an 11 depending on brand, switching to 1x rate will solve your problem almost definitely. The Ideal seal for the antenna connector is some neat stuff called self amalgamating tape (very popular with Boaties) looks a little like electrical tape but is softer and has a texture like rubber, Just as a matter of interest, the antenna looks to be horizontal but could be @ 45 degrees … it is level yes?

Sorry, hires shows the antenna is horizontal :slight_smile:

This is how its working now. I run a ping test thats in my Linksys router software. It runs with very little time outs. I let it run for 30 minutes and only 1% loss. I leave it running and start surfing the internet after about 2 pages the internet stops responding and I start getting “request timed out” in my ping test. Staying out for 30 secs or so. Any suggestions? I have access to it now and turned the setting down to 1x. Thanks.

Try running a ping from your PC to the radio it’s self (you’ll have to change the IP addres on your PC so its on the same subnet as the SM, so your ping doesn’t go to the AP and then to the SM). If that shows 0 loss and the return times are like 1-3ms then the cable is fine.

Next run a Ping from your PC to the AP’s IP address if you know it (again make sure your PC is on the same subnet as the AP) run that for an hour and check your loss. If you get alot of loss then you have a wireless problem. However if it is good then there is a bad link some whereelse on the network that the ISP needs to track down.