Help with setting up CN Maestro

Hi all.

My name is Wayne Pryor & I'm the MD of Waykat Services a Regional, Rural and Remote Communications & Telecommunications specialiest in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (

Whilst we are fairly new to Cambium we are certinally not new to the world of Wireless Communications & Telecommunications Services.

I did originally post up a small general Intro some time back but to this day it has not yet been approved.

Anyway, please excuse me if I have missed a peice of information along the way somewhere I am trying to setup our cnMaestro cloud accolunt ready for a large Cambium rollout on Tuesday 26/04 involving Cambium ePMP Force 200's and ePMP Cambium Force 180's and I am just a wee bit confused.

Where at the following URL

In the following step says

3. Select Create Account and fill in the Cloud Management Account form. Be sure to make note of your Cambium ID and Onboarding Key. These will be used later when onboarding devices. ' 

To the very best of my knowledge I do not have a "Cambium ID and Onboarding Key" 

OR is this just something that I make up as I go and note it appropiatley for later use.

OR have I missed a peice of information somewhere along the way I have searched every email from Cambium that I currently have and no where can I find any mention of a "Cambium ID and Onboarding Key

Thanks in advance & I look forward to your replies.


Wayne Pryor

Managing Director

Waykat Services Pty Ltd

Ph: +61 (0) 3-9005-1600

Mob: +61  (0) 419-325-007






Skype: waykatservices

For future versions, we will try to make it more clear that the value is created/defined here.  You are not expected to know it. 

You are creating your cnMaestro account and can define the Cambium ID and Onboarding Key.  Hover of the information ("i") icon near these fields for some additional details. 

After the acount is created, the your company's Cambium ID is display near the top-right of the account home page. 

If you forget you personal Onboarding Key, you can define a new one by navigating to Operate --> Onboard --> Claim from Device.  Click on the EDIT icon to set a new key and click SAVE.