Help with upstream 900 sm

I have been working with MR Canopy for about 6 months now. For the first time I have a client who needs more upstream bandwidth than any of my other clients. This client wants to broadcast out using the infrastructure i have in place. I have a 900 AP and i’m using 900mhz connectorized radios with 17.5 db yagi’s.

The down stream is flawless averaging about 1.9mb. My upstream is averaging only about 200kbps. This customer needs about 1mb upstream. Can anyone help me with getting this upstream configured correctly?


You are going to waste alot of time and piss off all your other customers for that one guy. You would have to change the DL% on all your AP’s to 50%.

My suggestion would be to allow 2X in the AP, and then get enough gain on the customer’s SM to get the radio to go into 2X/2X. That should get him about 500k up.

The other thing is, why does he want so much upstream BW? Is he hosting a server? Cameras? Is he paying for the additional usage? Sometimes it’s better to walk away…

Theres only 1 ap. I have it set to 1 mi range. I am broadcasting for a show that happens in my local area. within 1/4 mi. i have about 30 customers. Right now, everyone is seeing about 2mb download. This customer wants to broadcast a show for some college 100 mi. from me. All i have to do is bring the AP’s downlink data % down to 50% and he will see 512k?


50% should get you 500k up

If you can get the SM to go into 2X/2X you might get more. You would need more gain on the SM

thanks Jerry. Once again you have helped me I was in a bind.